Sunday, 21 February 2016

Žižkov Lovers

Last week me and the boy decided to take a spontaneous trip to Prague, the city where we first met and where we lost our hearts. Everyone who has read my blog for a while probably can´t hear this sentence anymore, but I cannot get over this city and I cannot stop dreaming myself there. 
 My old flat is now even a hostel. The person who lives there is renting out some rooms so we were super excited to stay in my old flat and take a walk down memory lane. Unfortunately, it got canceled shortly before our journey, so I had to book a different place. Not a biggy, just a bit annoying. However we stayed this time a bit more South in Vinohrady – also a beautiful place, similar to Žižkov. We didn´t have a lot of time, because it was just one night we stayed but it was already enough to meet friends, go into the old bars, visit my favourite café and have a nice dinner at a beautiful brunch on Sunday. On Saturday we had dinner at the Las Adelitas – a really nice Mexican restaurant. I love Mexican food and I love Margaritas. We stuffed our bellies with nachos, quesadillas and burritos topped with a ton of fresh homemade guacamole (I am getting seriously upset, if a restaurant serves readymade slimy Guacamole!).
 As you all probably know, we went there on Valentine´s Day. For this reason I brought my new dress from Shein, which I totally fell in love with and I cannot wait for summer and to wear it out without any tights. My new shoes are from Vagabond - a Christmas present. On my lips I am wearing Paramount from Mac - my favourite lipstick at the moment.
We were so lucky with the weather. The sun was shining on Sunday for the whole day, so the view up to the Hrad was amazing. The last times we came over, it was always miserable. We went to Café Globe for brunch and had a lovely walk  through the old town and the streets I called my home for 6 months. It´s always so hard to leave.
We´ll probably go back in 3 weeks again! Our Finnish friend will celebrate her birthday, which will be a perfect excuse to catch the bus to Prague again.


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