Sunday, 26 April 2015

Easter in a basket: A trip to Poznán

 Welcome back to another little travel diary. Over Easter we went to Poznán because I was craving yummy Pieroggi and Wodka too much and I haven´t had them since last September in Warszawa. Firstly I was so disappointed because I expected the weather to be bad and everyone told me that in Poland everything will be closed and shut over Easter. Easter is a big thing for Polish people because this is the time when family comes together. So I kind of lost my excitement to go over but as soon as we arrived there I felt at home. 
 The city is as pretty as I expected as the sun was shining for us and there were enough bars and restaurants open to fill our tummies and to give us some decent nights out with a lot of good Wodka and beer. Unfortunately the museums were closed on Friday already but we had enough stuff to do because Poznán offers beautiful streets, churches (obviously they were open), parks (Citardela is amazing) and massive, impressive cemeteries which invite you to a big history lesson and give you a feeling for how much Poznán had to go through in the past. Again I have to say that Poland is such a fascinating country to me, not existing on the map for a couple of times, culturally so widely spread and just too hard to believe how much people had to fight for their identity and independence. Anyway, we definitely enjoyed our time and had a glance into the Polish Easter culture: we went into one church and saw how all the Polish people got their little Easter baskets blessed and filled with bread, salt, sausage and chocolate. I can definitely recommend a trip to Poznán but you might want to skip the Easter weekend.
 Make sure you are not just going around in circles, surrounding the beautiful Stary Rynek all day long. Try to go into the little streets and make it your mission to find some cute little cafés, and dark smoky bars in the basements. Most of the time you cannot tell from the main door what is hidden behind.
Thonet –Kramarska 2-6
Zielona Veranda or Zielona Weranda – Świętosławska 8-10
PRL – Mokra 2-3
Van Gogh - Mokra  1-3
Wiejskie Jadlo – Franciszkanska 1