Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My colourful travel companion

This year I cannot travel as much as I did last year. A full-time job doesn´t give you that much freedom anymore which makes me quite sad but that´s how life goes right? So I thought that I am dedicating this year to little trips, longer weekend trips and nothing big really. My friends are calling me mental when they see how much I have booked already but I cannot help it. I need to get out of the city as long as I am not living in the city of my dreams. So there is London, Liverpool, Poznan and Lisbon queued up and I cannot wait to get on the plane or bus again. I am pretty sure this year will run faster than the others already did: I realised that when you are already having things planned far away, the quicker it will come to you. It´s already February and I have no clue where this month went.
Everyone who is reading my blog for a pretty long time knows how obsessed I was with my I Love Liverpool shirt from Wildfox. Liverpool is one of my favourite cities (along with Prague, Sarajevo, Warsaw and Ljubljana) and I am acutally going back for a week in May this year! I got this shirt from Jades24 and since I found it again in my closet I was wondering what happened to the brand. So I had a look and seeing as I want to spend my money on some better quality stuff I kind of got stuck in the shop. I got also lost on the page of all the Acne products. I love the clean and easy cut of the clothes and after I recently filled my wardrobe with colourful kimonos and dresses I am feeling like balancing this out. But first I need to pay all my bookings for traveling before I can actually start buying new pieces to wear! I cannot wait to take this cute, colourful kimono on my trip to Lisbon and hang around with my Erasmus flatmates by the sea, eating tons of  Pasteis de nata and drinking litres of port wine.