Monday, 19 January 2015


So here it is: 2015. I cannot say that I am excited about the new year. I started my REAL job and I am nearly done with my master thesis. God I cannot wait to get this out of the way. I have booked a few trips already to survive those 40-hour weeks. I am constantly tired but I don´t want to give in and stay at home every night instead of meeting friends. For the new year I want to increase my political activism and be more engaged in organisations or associations. I would call this my new year´s resolution. About that; I have already started to get this stone rolling so check my blog soon to hear about it!
As you already know I prefer getting clothes from my friends they are not wearing anymore instead of buying new stuff. In the pictures you can see my new beautiful friend I got this weekend. It´s a beautiful dress for the winter and I cannot stop wearing it. I kind of realised that I really need a cuddly hat and a thick whool scarf to survive those nasty cold days. Now that I am not having the time to go shopping I think I will switch into an online shopper. Fashion ID is one the shops I am spending my time on to look for treasures that can go into my wardrobe.The goal is to spend money on good quality instead of buying cheap crap all the time. Anyway Fashion Week is on and I will go to some parties this week. Are you attending any shows?
Wie ihr bereits wisst, trage ich am liebsten aussortierte Sachen, die ich von meinen Freunden bekomme.Letzes Wochenende bekam ich dieses wundervolle Kleid, welches ich gar nicht mehr ausziehen will. Ein perfektes Winterkleid. Apropos Winter: Ich habe es immer noch nicht geschafft, mich für den Winter zu rüsten. Ich brauche noch eine kuschelige Wintermütze und einen dicken Wollschal. Da ich ja nun nicht mehr der Zeit zum Shoppen habe, werde ich wohl auf Onlineshopping umsteigen müssen. Deshalb werden Shops wie Fashion ID nun öfter besucht, um den Kleiderschrank mit ein paar hochwertigeren Schätzen zu füllen. Bezüglich Mode: Die MBFW geht heute in eine neue Runde. Wen kann man wo treffen?
 *mit freundlicher Untersützung von Fashion ID


  1. so schöne haare :) und tolle cardigan

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