Sunday, 7 December 2014

Pivo a Medovník: A Prague bar and café guide III

Happy Sunday to all of you. I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoy the last hours before the bloody week is starting again. Today I am giving you some more recommendations for a perfect Prague trip. This time I am going to tell you more about the cafés in Prague. Let´s start off with the third part of my Prague guide.
Dobra Trafika: Okay, this is my favourite place in Prague, so if you go there be the nicest person you can be as soon as you enter this beautiful place. In the front you have a bookshop and when you go through it you will find a cosy room with old furniture and quirky music. They have an awesome tea collection and you shouldn´t miss having a hot ginger tea and playing board games. God, I cannot tell you how much I am missing this place at Korunní 1174/42 in Vinohrady.

Café v Lese: Café v Lese means Café in the woods and this is exactly what you can find there. This café is a really pretty place at Krymská 12 in Praha 10. You can enjoy your coffee between green painted walls and wooden details and decor. Also in the evenings you can go downstairs and dance to some live music. It is a definitely worth it to take the Tram 22 there and also just a few metres from Kino Pilotu which I mentioned in my last post about Prague.

Café Louvre: This café is not a secret because it is at the street Národní 22 in the centre of Prague. Still it is worth mentioning it if you want to have a really nice piece of cake and maybe a game of pool in a very chic and beautiful ambience. So whenever there are some cravings for a romantic café, little France in Prague will help you out!

Café Pavlač: Café Pavlač in Víta Nejedlého 487/23 in Žižkov was my local place to be. No matter if I needed to do some work for uni, had a girly lunch date, a romantic dinner date or just had to feed all the hungover Erasmus kids who didn´t find their way home after a party at my house, Café Pavlač always saved us. I just love this authentic café. They have a great menu and serve great food and a wide range of drinks. When I came back now after a year I realised they raised the prices unfortunately but they are still very affordable. Try the hot pear rum thing! Also, if you stay for loger than two hours, you´ll realise that the music is on repeat. At least it´s good music though!
Right, that´s it for today. I will go back to bed now, because the weekend is still in my bones. I hope you will visit those places and if you do, please tell me about it!!!


  1. Super cooler Guide! :) jetzt hab ich lust auf prag!

  2. Danke danke! Prag ist definitiv eine Reise wert!!