Thursday, 6 November 2014

Outfit: Wanderlust and oranges

In autumn Berlin is just turning back into the colourful and peaceful city which I fell in love with when I moved here three years ago. Berlin can be awesome and Berlin can be annoying. That´s Berlin. Nevertheless I could never imagine moving to a different place in Germany. Berlin got me and I am stuck. Here, I have the feeling that everyone can find their place where they feel comfortable and happy. Still, the city is changing and I´m not sure if I like it, but in this second I am feeling like I´m in good hands here. 
 (Jumper: Urban Outfitters// Hat: H&M//Bag: Gina Tricot// Dress: Thrifted)
But since I travelled a lot over those two years I kind of got addicted. I need to get out of the town, I need these weekends somewhere else, discovering new areas and new cultures. Even just a long weekend can be perfect to free your mind and recharge your batteries - it doesn´t have to be a week-long holiday somewhere exotic. I did some research on the internet and found some nice short trip offers on I just would like to travel again. and it seems like an easy to way to tick this off the bucket list. How much I would love to jump on a plane and get away just for a weekend - I have already bought my diary for 2015 so I can start planning my trips. What are your travel goals for 2015?


  1. Ich kann es so bestätigen :) Mit einem kleinen Wochenendtrip in meine Studentenstadt in Schweden habe ich alle Batterien aufgeladen, ich bin auf einmal wieder wacher, mehr ich selbst und glücklicher. Reisen ist einfach wundervoll : ) Im nächsten Jahr hoffe ich durch mein Erasmus auf einen Trip nach Irland und Schottland und ich will so so gerne endlich nach Venedig.

    1. Awww Erasmus!!! Miau, da werde ich ganz sentimental! Das klingt fabelhaft. Wo geht es genau hin?