Monday, 3 November 2014

So we sailed on to the sun, till we found a sea of green.

Seriously, who is not in the happiest mood when the weather is surprising you with sun and 20 degress in October and November? I cannot get over those sunny weekends and I couldn´t be more grateful that still in Autumn it was possible to take a boat out. I planned on doing this for a while but it was always too late or the weather wasn´t good enough. A few weeks ago we finally went to Treptower Park and rented a paddleboat. It´s only 11 Euros per hour which you can divide by 4 people if you are enough.
I am scared of boats, water and lakes. However I was surprised how relaxing this could be. The waves and the sun just gave my mind a little rest between all the Master Thesis stress and working days. I am glad Berlin offers the possibility to jump out of the big-city madness. Have you tried it yet?


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