Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Outfit: About a hat and humanity

Me and Mr. Hat. We tried to be together several times but it didn´t really work out. I don´t know what the problem is between us but I think I just didn´t find the right one that fits to me. Also I am still getting used to my long hair and the curls it suddenly developed so adding another piece to my head doesn´t make it easier. But I am not tired of trying so I found this new piece for my wardrobe. I am still not really sure what to think of it, but here are some pictures of the first day I tried my fresh friend.
 (Hat - H&M // Coat - Humana // Cardigan - Urban Outfitters // Jumper H&M)
At the moment a lot of stuff is happening. One of this is my first trial in political activism. Well, that might be a bit exaggerated but I always had the feeling to do something good and now I kicked off a wave of movements for tolerance and humanity. There are some Syrian refugees coming to my hometown and I felt like doing something for them seeing as in these small towns people are not really welcoming because of fear, ignorance or other reasons. Reading comments under the local newspaper articles just makes me sick. I am always feeling the urge to help people. I haven´t really done anything like this before and in Berlin I didn´t really know where to start. So I started this Facebook Group and invited all the people who I know from home and proposed a big donation event and also something social, to welcome the people a bit more and show them that people care about them. As soon as I clicked on the `Create Group´ button it went mad like a box of frogs. The people of the group have so much energy and organise so many amazing things. We have leaflets, contacts in the town hall, the social office, with several organisations, to a book shop where we will collect children´s books and dictionaries. We already made it into the local newspaper. We are planning on doing more. It is a great feeling how people can work together and set something big up when you are sticking together and everyone gives a little bit. I really hope that this will all happen and work out. The big collection of the donations, the getting together with the refugees and hopefully to show people who are living there that there is no need to be afraid, hostile, disrespectful or intolerant. 

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Outfit: My 4 € Lover and my mid-twenties crisis

Okay, I guess we all have to prepare for winter. For three days now I am suffering from the grey days and the sun hasn´t shown her pretty face for a while. Everyone who is reading this blog for longer knows how much I dislike winter. This year I am trying to survive it in a better way and spice it up with some colour in my wardrobe. Last week, on a Saturday afternoon I went to the Humana Shop at Frankfurter Tor to have a look for a new coat. I haven´t been there for ages and I really enjoyed working myself through the 4 floors from crazy vintage treasures to just plain mad stuff I cannot believe even got produced. As much as I want to buy just second hand clothes, I always get disappointed very quickly because I am too small for all the clothes. So I developed a new passion: Getting clothes from friends who want to get rid of them and don´t want to wear anymore. Honestly, my wardrobe consists of a lot of friends´ clothes. I love it, we should just swap clothes all the time and not go to the shops in the first place. Anyway, I found this lovely coat eventually. I still have to get used to it because it is too big, obviously. And it isn´t a thick winter coat. So basically I failed...but in a cheap and pretty way. 4 € was unbeatable!
(Coat- Humana // Shoes - Shelly´s London )
Looking at these pictures makes me realise that I definitely grew up and got older. There isn´t the crazy teenager standing anymore, how I used to feel. Being small, having big eyes and a small nose always makes you look younger than you are, but these pictures made me think that this girl in the photo is a proper 25 year-old `woman´ which you might be able to take seriously. 25 is an awesome age. I am halfway through my 26th year and I couldn´t feel more balanced. Still, there are loads of challenges and loads of issues which burden my thoughts, which I carry around everyday but I am definitely feeling a difference in dealing with them. It´s about confidence and trust. I am learning everyday and I am doing this way more consciously than when I was younger. I am appreciating things more and I am forcing myself to do things I am scared of. I have some goals lined up and know what I still have to do but also I know what I have encountered in the past. I don´t know, maybe the imminent end of my Master´s degree is making my a bit thoughtful but honestly I am thinking about this so often. Everyone is telling me, that `we are getting old´ in such a negative way and that this means not being able to party two days in a row anymore or staying in on weekdays watching a film or sleeping early. I don´t mind that. I think there will still be moments you leave a club at 9am when you at least expect it, but the pressure is disappearing. And I am just so curious when those moments will happen again, amidst the life of calm nights where we are able to discuss world politics with a glass of wine or play board games whilst discussing George Orwell and his theories in 1984. I just enjoy finding myself between still being young enough to have mad days and nights without thinking about tomorrow and already old enough to act responsibly and independently. I just have to find out now where I want to end up.
Thanks to Vio for the pictures. After ages we spent an afternoon including cake and hot lemons together and used the chance to take some pictures like in old times. You can see her post on her blog already.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Outfit: Jumper in golden November

No matter I am definitely in love with this sunny weather and those warm weekends I won´t forget that Christmas is ahead of us. It feels weird to think about mulled wine and Spekulatius when you are still running around without coats and enjoying cold drinks outside. I already have a couple of presents for my family but the job is definitely not done yet. My mum is already bugging me with questions of what I want for Christmas. It sounds odd but I have no idea what I want. I am quite happy with my situation at the moment and rather get rid of stuff then piling up new rubbish. 
(Jumper: Gina Tricot//Jeans: Cheap Monday//Bag: Urban Outfitters//Shoes: Shelly´s London//Cardigan: Urban Outfitters)
 I think this year I am going for some some facial treatments and nice products for my skin. God, I am feeling old when I am looking at my wish list but at the moment I am really into all this crazy beauty business. I want to have some products from the Soap and Glory collection, the body scrubs from Rituals or the Laverra facial series. That´s it! Thanks Father Christmas, please make my skin shinier and softer. Let´s be serious, the only good thing about having those wishes is that you definitely will get rid of it at some point and there is new space for the next mad present season.
 Tonight you can find me at the Glamour Pink Carpet event. Jasmin from Tea & Twigs invited to some drinks and photobooth actions. Who will be there too?

Monday, 10 November 2014

Pivo a Medovník: A Prague bar and café guide II

Let´s carry on with some more tips about bars and cafés in Prague. This time I will focus on some bars in Žižkov, the area I lived in and the area I want to move back to! There are so many cool places. I definitely haven´t made it half way through my list of all the places but these are definitely worth a mention: 

Bukowski´s: This bar was located just 5 minutes from my flat. I think you can already guess that I spent a lot of evenings there. Bukowski´s at Bořivojova 689/86 reminds me more of Berlin bars but still I´d say it´s way more uncomplicated and sweeter. You will step into a dark bar with loads of candles and a beautiful wall covered in a massive bookshelf. Also they play decent music there! Go there on Sunday and enjoy the 2 litres of beer for just 50 CZK (about 2€)

Big Lebowksi: The Big Lebowski at Slavikova 1204/16 is a teeny tiny place where you are standing right at the bar as soon as you enter the bar. To the right you can find a ladder which leads you upstairs to the little cozy tea room where you can enjoy your White Russian or whatever. There is not a lot of space, so don´t go there in big groups. You can smoke shisha there and the best thing is that you decide how much you want to pay.

Palác Akropolis: This bar/club/restaurant next to the TV Tower was the place I met the first amazing friends of my Erasmus. The food upstairs is the same like in Atmosphere and downstairs you can find a bar where you can dance to some drum and bass. Also I love the outside of the old building in Kubelíkova 1548/27. So when you go the TV Tower, you might want to have a beer after a busy sightseeing day.

Klub Pilot: At Donska 19 you can find some other cool places. Klub Pilot is a club where you can dance to drum and bass and some Balkan beats on Thursdays. Next to it you can find a very dodgy bar where you can drink beer between fish tanks and watch quirky Czech films in an almost pitch black environment. I love that creepy little place.

Bunkr Parukárka: You can find a very well hidden club in the middle of Žižkov on a green hill. In the summer this place is also pretty cool to have a beer and enjoy the view over the city. In the night you have to find the little graffiti-covered door of the old 1950´s nuclear bunker and celebrate in the dark cellars under the ground.

So that´s the second part of my personal guide. In the next post I will tell you about my favourite cafés and food places in Prague. So if you are planning on a trip to Prague, let me know and I can give you some more recommendations via mail before the next part will be published.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Outfit: Wanderlust and oranges

In autumn Berlin is just turning back into the colourful and peaceful city which I fell in love with when I moved here three years ago. Berlin can be awesome and Berlin can be annoying. That´s Berlin. Nevertheless I could never imagine moving to a different place in Germany. Berlin got me and I am stuck. Here, I have the feeling that everyone can find their place where they feel comfortable and happy. Still, the city is changing and I´m not sure if I like it, but in this second I am feeling like I´m in good hands here. 
 (Jumper: Urban Outfitters// Hat: H&M//Bag: Gina Tricot// Dress: Thrifted)
But since I travelled a lot over those two years I kind of got addicted. I need to get out of the town, I need these weekends somewhere else, discovering new areas and new cultures. Even just a long weekend can be perfect to free your mind and recharge your batteries - it doesn´t have to be a week-long holiday somewhere exotic. I did some research on the internet and found some nice short trip offers on I just would like to travel again. and it seems like an easy to way to tick this off the bucket list. How much I would love to jump on a plane and get away just for a weekend - I have already bought my diary for 2015 so I can start planning my trips. What are your travel goals for 2015?

Monday, 3 November 2014

So we sailed on to the sun, till we found a sea of green.

Seriously, who is not in the happiest mood when the weather is surprising you with sun and 20 degress in October and November? I cannot get over those sunny weekends and I couldn´t be more grateful that still in Autumn it was possible to take a boat out. I planned on doing this for a while but it was always too late or the weather wasn´t good enough. A few weeks ago we finally went to Treptower Park and rented a paddleboat. It´s only 11 Euros per hour which you can divide by 4 people if you are enough.
I am scared of boats, water and lakes. However I was surprised how relaxing this could be. The waves and the sun just gave my mind a little rest between all the Master Thesis stress and working days. I am glad Berlin offers the possibility to jump out of the big-city madness. Have you tried it yet?