Monday, 27 October 2014

Outfit: Wavy daisies

I am not really a fan of swimming and lying on the beach for more than five hours. Then I am getting bored and just want to eat to stay entertained. However once in a lifetime even I enjoy the beach lifestyle especially when there is nice sand and clean water. Yes, I am scared of dark holes filled with water and muddy grounds - especially when they come together in a team. But in July I was lucky and spent a weekend at the Baltic Sea. I loved the fact that you could walk for miles into the water and that it was warm and exactly the way baby Maxi likes it.
(Shirt-Urban Outfitters //Skirt-TK Maxx)
That weekend I discovered my maxi skirt again. After 2 years of not wearing it I finally found a way to combine it so that I am not looking like a rolling stone. Mine was from TK Maxx but you can find a pretty cheap and nicer version on Asos.


  1. Ich finde es soo toll, dass Du wieder mehr bloggst! :)

    Julia von

    1. Awww danke dir!!! Das ist so lieb! Ich finde es echt verrückt, dass das es wirklich Menschen gibt, die meinen Blog gerne besuchen!