Saturday, 20 June 2015

Posterasmustrip II: Kafka and Hranolky

God, I am always realising how time is flying when I am looking through my phone. Ages ago I went to Prague just for a long weekend. I needed to get back to the city of dreams, just to fill up my batteries with czech beer and Trdelník. This post will just show some more impressions of the city. I stayed again in the same hostel called Hostel Lipa in Žižkov, close to my old flat.

Of course we had to start the day with breakfast at Globe Café. I can really recommend this place. It is a bit pricey but the selection of dishes is amazing. Unfortunately the weather was really bad when we were over. It was raining most of the time, as you can see. Nevertheless we did the typical walk up the castle and did a big round through the town. I actually have to see when we can go back because I kind of want to be back when the sun is shining in Prague. On the other side we finally went into the Franz Kafka museum, which was really cool and is definitely worth seeing. 
This is my favourite picture because this was always my view from my tram station when I left my house. It is the view from Husinecká, the end of my street up to the TV tower. I miss this place so much and I really hope that I will have the chance to go back to this city and spend a bit more of my life there. If you need some more tips about Prague, you can find some on my blog if you click here, here and here.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Easter in a basket: A trip to Poznán

 Welcome back to another little travel diary. Over Easter we went to Poznán because I was craving yummy Pieroggi and Wodka too much and I haven´t had them since last September in Warszawa. Firstly I was so disappointed because I expected the weather to be bad and everyone told me that in Poland everything will be closed and shut over Easter. Easter is a big thing for Polish people because this is the time when family comes together. So I kind of lost my excitement to go over but as soon as we arrived there I felt at home. 
 The city is as pretty as I expected as the sun was shining for us and there were enough bars and restaurants open to fill our tummies and to give us some decent nights out with a lot of good Wodka and beer. Unfortunately the museums were closed on Friday already but we had enough stuff to do because Poznán offers beautiful streets, churches (obviously they were open), parks (Citardela is amazing) and massive, impressive cemeteries which invite you to a big history lesson and give you a feeling for how much Poznán had to go through in the past. Again I have to say that Poland is such a fascinating country to me, not existing on the map for a couple of times, culturally so widely spread and just too hard to believe how much people had to fight for their identity and independence. Anyway, we definitely enjoyed our time and had a glance into the Polish Easter culture: we went into one church and saw how all the Polish people got their little Easter baskets blessed and filled with bread, salt, sausage and chocolate. I can definitely recommend a trip to Poznán but you might want to skip the Easter weekend.
 Make sure you are not just going around in circles, surrounding the beautiful Stary Rynek all day long. Try to go into the little streets and make it your mission to find some cute little cafés, and dark smoky bars in the basements. Most of the time you cannot tell from the main door what is hidden behind.
Thonet –Kramarska 2-6
Zielona Veranda or Zielona Weranda – Świętosławska 8-10
PRL – Mokra 2-3
Van Gogh - Mokra  1-3
Wiejskie Jadlo – Franciszkanska 1

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Greenwich Market

A few weeks ago I did a pretty short trip to London. We spent most of the time with family but one day I had the chance to hang around with my one of my friends. Seeing as I have been to all the sights not just once in life and time was pretty tight, I really wanted to have a relaxed fun day away from the busy and crazy city center. My friend lives pretty close to Greenwich so we decided to go to the Greenwich market and just wander around. 
We walked down the river Thames and had a peek inside the beautiful painted hall situated in the Old Royal Naval College. Loads of films were shot in this building. It just got restored and the colours are amazing. After that we passed the Cutty Sark, a big floating boat from 1869, until we eventually reached the Greenwich market. No matter it wasn´t even completely open we spent hours there, having a look at so many nice handmade accessoiries and trinkets but I was mostly impressed by the food market there.
We tried so much stuff: Cheese toasties, bhajis and Spanish churros with caramel sauce. Afterwards we went straight to the pub and in the night we met up with friends from Erasmus and uni time. You can also see my new coat I bought a week before at Boxhangener fleamarket. It´s way too big but I really like it and I am getting used to it from day to day. This was definitely one of my best London trips because we just wandered around and enjoyed the day without any hassle and running around.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Wroclaw: Another trip to mother Poland

2014 is already over and there is still so much stuff I want to share with you guys. In March I went to Wroclaw, which is another cute little student town in the west of Poland. I went there for a little weekend trip. 4 days is a fair amount to explore the city, because it is not too big.

Here are some tips for your trip to Wroclaw. Wroclaw is a pretty small and beautiful city. I fell in love straight away. Its typical old Rynek (square) is just one little detail which makes you wander around like  you're in a little fairy tale. Our hostel was the Moon Hostel at Krupznicza and was really close to the centre and the party area. We went to the city by bus and it took us just 20 minutes to walk to the center from where we were staying.
We love to go up towers and viewing points so we were more than amazed by the awesome view with the blue sky and clear air. You can go up tower next to Bazylika św. Elżbiety Węgierskiej.

As you know I love Poland because of the Jewish history and it's interesting to find what´s left over from the horrible WWII. So we walked a long, long way down South to see the beautiful old Jewish cementry. It is quite far from the city centre but when the weather is nice it is definitely worth the trip (You can also take the tram too, btw).

For breakfast you should definitely try out the café Bułka z Masłem at Włodkowica Pawła 20-22. If it is sunny you should go in the back and sit on the old sofas outside and enjoy the nice lemonade and food they have got there. It was hard to leave the city after such a nice goodbye breakfast before we got back on the bus.

In general it's pretty easy to find cool little cosy bars, because Wroclaw just consists of them. The chance of getting trapped in a pricey or ugly place is really low because you can notice straight away if something isn´t cool or the the place is too fancy. We did a little pub crawl every night to make sure that we have been to all the bars we wanted to go to. So just to call some names, these are places you definitely should visit: Literatska (Rynek 53-60), Graciarnia (Kazimierza Wielkiego 39), Wlodkowica 21 (Pawla Wlodkowica 29), Café Niebo (Swietego Antoniego 1-35) or  Pracoffnia (Nozownicza 9-21).
On Google Maps I made a map with all the places I have been to. All the cafes and bars are definitely recommendable.
We have been there whilst it was still kind of cold and windy. You should definitely check out the Botanian garden on the Cathedral Island and take out a boat accross the fabulous Panorama Racławicka. Unfortunately it was too early we went to Wrcolaw to take out a boat, but instead we had a look at the stunning 360 degrees painting about the battle at Racławice from 1984.