Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Les retrouvailles - Paris for a weekend

Last week we took the plane to Paris. Finally after 5 years I made it back to France and could show off my parfait Francais, haha. No seriously, we were planning to go to Paris for ages and finally we made it happen. Also because of the reunion with my beloved friend Anais, who I lived with in a hostel in St Helens, UK, when I was working there for 3 months. We didn´t have so much time but we took a long walk down the Seine from Marais to the Eiffel Tower. On Friday the weather was quite gloomy and grey, but this didn´t take away any of Paris´ beauty.

It was quite calm on the Friday, which was very relaxing. However, if the city is full of people it doesn´t stress you out, because of the wide streets and open design of the city (thanks, Baron Haussmann). It took us probably 3 hours to walk down the Seine and find our way into Montparnasse where the big reunion happened. All together we enjoyed a proper French dinner at Chez Papa—duck, potatoes, and leeks were washed down easily with some lovely vin rouge.

Afterwards, we took the metro to Montmatre to climb up the steps to Sacre Coeur. This is my favourite spot in Paris. You have a great view and I love the cafés and little bars and restaurants around it. But beware! Paris is bloody expensive! We paid 9.20€ for a beer! Don´t drink beer in Paris—choose wine and you´ll be fine (pardon the rhyme).

Afterwards we had a stroll through Pigalle and went for a nice dinner and to a little shabby bar, just the way we like it. The last day we enjoyed our nice fancy breakfast at the hotel and met our friend for another Cidre and baguette.
Unfortunately our flight was delayed by 4 hours, which was why we were stuck at the airport and got home quite tired and trés fatigue. However, it didn´t ruin the romance which we carried around Paris!