Monday, 27 October 2014

Outfit: Wavy daisies

I am not really a fan of swimming and lying on the beach for more than five hours. Then I am getting bored and just want to eat to stay entertained. However once in a lifetime even I enjoy the beach lifestyle especially when there is nice sand and clean water. Yes, I am scared of dark holes filled with water and muddy grounds - especially when they come together in a team. But in July I was lucky and spent a weekend at the Baltic Sea. I loved the fact that you could walk for miles into the water and that it was warm and exactly the way baby Maxi likes it.
(Shirt-Urban Outfitters //Skirt-TK Maxx)
That weekend I discovered my maxi skirt again. After 2 years of not wearing it I finally found a way to combine it so that I am not looking like a rolling stone. Mine was from TK Maxx but you can find a pretty cheap and nicer version on Asos.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Between skyscrapers and old ghetto walls: One week in Warszawa

At the beginning of August, I made my way back to Poland. This time Warszawa was the travel destination. I expected Warszawa to be a big place which needs more time to discover so we went for a whole week to the capital. We were blessed with sunny days and constantly 30-degrees heat which did not necessarily uplift our trip. Everyday we walked around 20 kilometres and you don´t want to know how our shoes and feet smelled after a long hot day in the sun.  The first days we were on the traces of the Jewish culture around the old Jewish Ghetto. Unfortunately there is nothing really left anymore. You can find some hidden leftovers in backyards and might just have a cup of coffee in one of the last houses which was left like the old walls used to look like without even knowing it. 
Of course Pierroggi had to wander down my tummy quite often whilst I was there. The following days we made it to the old town centre, which is not even ´old´ if you want to be precise. Warszawa was completely destroyed in the Second World War. It is unbelievable that they rebuilt the city just from  paintings and pictures. It is always hard to understand how a whole city can get rebuilt after such a trauma in such a short time. Whilst the west of the city is pretty cold, not charming and covered with skyscrapers, the old town just brightens every heart with its cute buildings, restaurants, shops and narrow streets. The castle just sits on the top of the city impressing everyone like a King full of pride about his city.
(T-shirt: Urban Outfitters // Bag: Urban Outfitters// Skirt: Asos// Shoes: Vagabonds)
Warszawa is covered with war memorials and the phrase Warsaw Uprising will always follow your steps through the city. We went to the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising, which gave us some further information about the war in Poland and the occupation of the German Nazis. After those heavy 3 hours of reading, listening and watching we filled our tummys with even heavier cake and coffee in the sweetest museum café I have ever been to. 
Once we went up my favourite building: The Palace of Culture and Science (Palac Kultury i Nauki). I fell in love with this building straight away. Yes I have a weakness for socialist classic buildings. It´s said that the building was meant to be pulled down seeing it is kind of a ridiculing reminder of the times Warszawa was oppressed by the Sovjet Union. To me it belongs to the face of Warszawa and it would leave a big hole which cannot be refilled that easily. 
  After we have discovered the west part of the Danube we also made our way over to the east: Praga. Praga gives you the proper Poland feeling. You can find the cutest and weirdest cafés and bars (try the place called W Oparach Absurdu) and eat amazing food in the grey and loud streets where the reputation of the Polish car drivers can be proved 100%. Also the backyards here are worth seeing. This week full of history, culture and fun in one of my favourite countries seems already ages ago. I cannot wait to go back to Poland. I would have never thought Warszawa is such a modern, vibrant city which changes from corner to corner. If you need more information I am happy to help you out.
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Monday, 6 October 2014

From trinkets to wodka, ginger beer and cucumber

I never liked Sundays. All I could think of was that the weekend is over, work is waiting and there is nothing really to do. This immediately changed when I moved to Berlin 3 years ago. Sundays are now my favourite day of the week. I love spending it on fleamarkets and since we have this really nice street food market across the street, I wished Sundays would never end. The RAW Tempel has become a place where I love to spend time with my friends. Urban Spree, the flea market, the boulder hall, the street food market: I cannot say how often I have been there this year.
(Jumper-Urban Outfitters// Skirt-Asos//Shoes-H&M//Bag-Gina Tricot)
Here you can see my second favourite jumper I bought in Chicago at the Urban Outfitters store. I am glad autumn is here now and showing us its most beautiful face ever. Walking around in cozy jumpers without coats or scarfs is just the best seeing as I am not a scarf or coat person. I am already annoyed of my black boring H&M coat I have been wearing for 5 years but the thought of buying a new one pisses me off even more. I would rather spend my money on Moscow Mules at the street food market.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

One day in Szczecin: Escaping to the Baltic Sea

Vor drei Wochen ging es für einen Tagesausflug nach Stettin. Wer meinen Blog schon länger ließt, kennt meine Schwäche für das Land der Pieroggi, des Wodkas und reichen Geschichte. Geplant war an diesem Tag rein gar nichts. So ging es mit schwachem Akku und nicht vorhandenem Stadtplan durch eine der größten Hafenstädte Polens. Ich liebe Städte, die am Wasser liegen oder von breiten Flüssen geteilt werden. Die frische Luft des Stettiner Haffs blies uns um die Nasen, während wir die Aussicht von der Jakobskathedrale (Bazylika archikatedralna św. Jakuba) genossen, an der Oder entlang spazierten und die letzten, warmen Sonnenstrahlen aufsaugten. Danach ging es in die hübsche Innenstadt und Pieroggi standen auf dem Speiseplan. Die Pierogarnia Kaszubuska mit ihrer großen Auswahl an Pieroggi am Plac Zgody kann ich nur empfehlen. 
 (Jumper- Urban Outfitters //Skirt-ASOS.DE //Shoes-Vagabond)
Der Herbst ist da und es muss nun definitiv wärmeres Geschütz aufgefahren werden. Am liebsten trage ich derzeit meinen hübschen, cropped Pullover von Urban Outfitters, den ich in Chicago für 10 $ im Outlet ergattert habe. Ja, Chicago sollte hier auch mal erwähnt werden. Es gibt so viel zu erzählen und zu zeigen, allerdings liegen manche Trips schon bis März zurück. Polen wurde weiter erkundet (Wroclaw, Warsawa), es ging nach Ljubljana und Trieste und Chicago wurde auch besucht. Dazu kamen noch diverese Trips nach Leeds, London und Wales. Wer mir auf Instagram folgt, hat dies sicher auch schon mitbekommen.
Three weeks ago I went to Stettin for a day. Nothing was planned and therefore no map and a low battery phone forced us just to wander around and follow where the wind took us. Those who are reading my blog for a longer time or follow me on Instagram might know my weakness for the country of Pieroggi, wodka and tons of history. Szczecin is one of the biggest harbour cities in Poland. We walked down the river Odra and enjoyed the last warm sunbeams of the day at the viewing tower of the Bazylika archikatedralna św. Jakuba. Afterwards some dumplings jumped into my tummy before we got on the way back to Berlin. Autumn is knocking on the door so I am quite happy to wear my favourite jumper I bought in Chicago for 10 bucks at the Urban Outfitters Outlet. This was now my third trip to Poland this year. I definitely have to tell you about Wroclaw and Warsaw too. A mass of pictures are waiting from all my trips of the recent year and I am excited to share them with you soon!